Uploading User Images

This tutorial covers how to upload user images to the iRule Builder.

  1. Create a new image library.
  2. Rename the library
  3. Upload images

Step One: Create A New Image Library

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/thumb1.jpg| title=|Step One :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/picture1.jpg{/rokbox}

From the iRule Builder, click on the Images tab. Right click on the Actions arrow and select Create library from the list.


Step Two: Rename

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/thumb2.jpg| title=|Step Two :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/picture2.jpg{/rokbox}

Rename the newly created image library in the properties window.


Step Three: Add Image

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/thumb3.jpg| title=|Step Three :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/picture3.jpg{/rokbox}

Right Click on the image library and select Add image from the list.


Step Four: Choose File

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/thumb4.jpg| title=|Step Four :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/picture4.jpg{/rokbox}

The Upload images window appears, click on the Choose file select a file to upload.


Step Five: Browse

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/thumb5.jpg| title=|Step Five :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/picture5.jpg{/rokbox}

The browse window appears. Navigate to the location on your computer where the file is located. Select the file and press the Open button. Please note that the best file type are .PNG files with transperancy.


Step Six: Upload

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/thumb6.jpg| title=|Step Six :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/picture6.jpg{/rokbox}

After the file has been selected, click on the upload button to import the image into the image library.


Step Seven: Done

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/thumb7.jpg| title=|Step Seven :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/uploadimage/picture7.jpg{/rokbox}

You now have a new library with your image imported and ready for use. Please note that you can share the image library with other by selected Yes for the Shared property in the properties window.


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