Tutorial Summary

Updated for iRule Version 1.5. This tutorial covers how to add a Link and Labels to the iRule interface . A Link can be used to jump from one Page to another. Links can also jump between Page on different Panels. Labels can now incorporate Device commands and more capabilities have been added to modify the look of the font.

  1. Drag and drop an image.
  2. Adjust the Link properties.
  3. Navigate to Devices tab.
  4. Drag and drop a Device command.
  5. Add a Label.
  6. Drag and drop a Device command.
  7. Adjust the Label properties.
  8. Save.

Step One: Drag and Drop an Image

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb1.png| title=|Step One :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture1.png{/rokbox}

In an existing Page, drag and drop an image from an image library to the interface window. Before releasing the mouse, hold down the "L" key on the keyboard and the image placed on the interface will be a Link not a button. You will notice that when a cell is highlighted in the interface window, the iRule Builder will show if the image being placed is a button or a link.


Step Two: Link Properties

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb2.png| title=|Step Two :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture2.png{/rokbox}

In the Link properties, select the panel name, page type and page name of the page that the Link will jump to.


Step Three: Devices

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb3.png| title=|Step Three :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture3.png{/rokbox}

Optional step - You may want to apply Device commands which are executed when a Link is executed. The Device commands are not required to make a link workNavigate to the Devices tab and expand a Device to show the available commands.


Step Four: Drag and Drop Command

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb4.png| title=|Step Four :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture4.png{/rokbox}

Drag and drop a Device command to the Link. Device commands are executed before the Link jumps to another Page. Links can accommodate multiple Device commands and can include delays if necessary. These commands are typically executed in a fraction of second.


Step Five: Link with Command

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb5.png| title=|Step Five :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture5.png{/rokbox}

In the Panels tree, you can expand to see the command associated with the Link. If there are multiple commands, they will be executed in the order they were placed on the Link.


Step Six: Add Label

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb6.png| title=|Step Five :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture6.png{/rokbox}

In the Panels tree, right click on the the Page and select add label from the list.


Step Seven: Add Label

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb7.png| title=|Step Five :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture7.png{/rokbox}

In the Label properties, you can select a different font from the list, adjust the font size, select a color from the list, apply bold to the font and adjust the alignment.


Step Eight: Label with Command

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb8.png| title=|Step Five :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture8.png{/rokbox}

New in iRule Version 1.5 is the ability to add Device commands to a Label. Navigate to the Device tab and drag and drop a Device command to the label.


Step Nine: Done

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/thumb9.png| title=|Step Five :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/linksandlabels/picture9.png{/rokbox}

Save your work by pressing the save button and your new Links and Labels can be synced to the iRule app.

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