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The iTunes module allows users to create a rich interface that allows a rich two way interaction with iTunes on the Mac or PC. The iTunes module requires no software to be installed on the computer and can interface with AirPlay compatible devices such as AppleTV, AirPort Express and many other devices. The iTunes module supports Music, Audio Books, Podcasts (both audio and video) and Movies in iTunes. The iTunes module is a paid module and can be added to either a Pro or Basic iRule license. This tutorials assumes working knowledge of iRule such as adding Gateways. 

  1. Initial view.
  2. Library.
  3. Sorting.
  4. Now Playing.
  5. AirPlay Speakers.

Step One: Initial View of iTunes Module

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The initial view of hte iTunes module in the iRule HD app. Note that by default, the iTunes library is designed to fit into the inset area of the default iRule interace. Since the iTunes module size is customizable, you can modify the size and make the module bigger. 


Step Two: Library

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You can navigate through the library items in the Library Section of the iTunes module to browse your Music, Books, Podcasts, Videos.


Step Three: Sorting

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Navigating this space is very similar to how you navigate your library in iTunes where you view your library by Artists, Albums or Tracks. 


Step Four: Now Playing

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The Now Playing area displays the cover art of the album, name of the song, album name and the name of the artist. Pressing the covert art will display the album view where you can view the cover art in high resolution, view the control the transport (play/pause, next and previous), repeat, shuffle, change volume and view the song list for album. 


Step Five: AirPlay Speakers

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In the main iTunes module window there is a speaker icon in the bottom right corner.  Touching this icon will bring up all the AirPlay devices that are on the network. From this item you can select which location the music is playing on. This is a great way to have multi-room audio and video without the expense of the multi-room distribution system.

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