Tutorial Summary

This tutorial covers how to use the Global Cache iLearn utility to learn IR codes and add them to the iRule Builder.

  1. Launch iLearn.
  2. iLearn Utility.
  3. Select Learner.
  4. IP Address.
  5. Confirm.
  6. Select Format.
  7. Save Data.
  8. Create Device.
  9. Add Device Code.
  10. Rename Code.
  11. Copy IR Code.
  12. Paste IR Code.

Step One: Launch iLearn

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb1.png| title=|Step One :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture1.png{/rokbox}

Download and launch the iLearn utlity. You can find a link to download the Global Cache iLearn utility here.


Step Two: iLearn

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb2.png| title=|Step Two :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture2.png{/rokbox}

The iLearn utility is used to learn IR codes from an iTach, Global Cache Serial IR learner connected to the computer or connected to a GC-100 Gateway.


Step Three: Select Learner

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb3.png| title=|Step Three :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture3.png{/rokbox}

Select the type of learner from the IR Learner drop down list. In this tutorial we will use the iTach Learner included with every iTach IR Gateway.


Step Four: IP Address

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb4.png| title=|Step Four :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture4.png{/rokbox}

Type the IP address of the iTach Gateway and click on the Connect button.


Step Five: Confirm

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb5.png| title=|Step Five :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture5.png{/rokbox}

Confirm that the iLearn utility connected to the iTach.


Step Six: Select Format

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb6.png| title=|Step Six :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture6.png{/rokbox}

Select the Format type from the Save Format drop down list. In this tutorial, we will use the HEX codes. The reason to learn codes in the HEX format is that they are more universal.


Step Seven: Save Data

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb7.png| title=|Step Seven :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture7.png{/rokbox}

Aim the remtoe at the IR Learing port and press the button on the remote you wish to learn. Type the name of the corresponding code you are learning and click on the Save Data button. In this example we are learning the volume up button. You can repeat this step to learn additional IR codes.


Step Eight: Create Device

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb8.png| title=|Step Eight :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture8.png{/rokbox}

In the iRule Builder, open the Devices tab and select the Create device from the Actions drop down menu.


Step Nine: Add Device Code

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb9.png| title=|Step Nine :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture9.png{/rokbox}

Right click on the HEX Codes and select Add device code from the drop down list.


Step Ten: Rename Code

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb10.png| title=|Step Nine :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture10.png{/rokbox}

In the Properties window, rename the command to describe the Code. In this example we will name the Code VOLUME UP.


Step Eleven: Copy IR Code

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb11.png| title=|Step Nine :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture11.png{/rokbox}

Back in the iLearn utility, select the HEX IR codes (the numbers beginning with 0000) right click and select copy from the drop down list.


Step Twelve: Paste IR Code

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/thumb12.png| title=|Step Nine :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/irlearner/picture12.png{/rokbox}

Switch back to the iRule Builder and press Control-V on the keyboard to paste the Code into the data field of the HEX code. Please note that when pasting the command it should not have anything other than the code. Make sure there are no carriage returns or spaces after the actual command.

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