Cut and Paste of Objects in Version 2.0

This tutorial describes the new Cut & Paste fucntionality in the iRule Builder for version 2.0.

  1. Slect.
  2. Cut.
  3. Paste.
  4. Review.

Step One: Select

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Select an object you would like to cut by single clicking left mouse button onto the object.


Step Two: Cut

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Right Mouse button click the selected object to bring up the context menu and click on "Cut Button"


Step Three: Paste

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An object can either be pasted in the page that it is on or into another page. Right mouse button click in the white space, as circled in red, and click "Paste Button". When pasted onto the same page as where it originally resides, it will be pasted in the top left most available cell. If pasted into an new page, it will be pasted with the same coordinates as in the source page.


Step Four: Review

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Finished product.


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