While many common Android Handsets are in the Builder, there may be new devices with custom resolutions that are not yet added. With the custom Handset you can create any resolution handset that works with your device. If you are unsure of the available resolution of your Android device, you can view it in the settings tab of the Android application on the actual device.

  1. Open iRule Builder.
  2. Click on Options menu.
  3. Click Handsets.   
  4. Add Handset.
  5. Handset added.
  6. Select Android device from the list.
  7. Set vertical and horizontal resolutions.
  8. Rename Handset.
  9. Close Handset page.
  10. Handset complete.

Step One: Open iRule Builder

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb1.png| title=|Step One :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture1.png{/rokbox}

Open the iRule Builder.


Step Two: Options Menu

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb2.png| title=|Step Two :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture2.png{/rokbox}

Click on the Options menu in the upper left corner.


Step Three: Select Handsets

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb3.png| title=|Step Three :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture3.png{/rokbox}

The Select Hansets from the drop down list.


Step Four: Add Handset

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb4.png| title=|Step Four :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture4.png{/rokbox}

Click on the green + button to add a Handset. 


Step Five: New Handset

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb5.png| title=|Step Five :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture5.png{/rokbox}

A new Handset with a default name of "Handset (3)" is created.


Step Six: Select Device

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb6.png| title=|Step Six :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture6.png{/rokbox}

Select your Android Custom device from the drop-down list.


Step Seven: Set Resolution

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb7.png| title=|Step Seven :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture7.png{/rokbox}


Set your vertical and horizontal resolutions of your device. If you are unsure of your screen resolution, you can install the iRule app on your Android device and review your resolutions in the Settings tab.


Step Eight: Rename Handset

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb8.png| title=|Step Eight :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture8.png{/rokbox}

Rename the custom Handset it to whatever name you would like. Please note that the Handset name will appear in the Sync tab in the application. 


Step Nine: Exit Handset Window

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb9.png| title=|Step Nine :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture9.png{/rokbox}

Click the Close button to exit the Handsets window.


Step Ten: Handset Complete

{rokbox thumb=|http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/thumb10.png| title=|Step Ten :: Image Title| album=|tutorial|}http://video.iruleathome.com/docs/CustomHandset/picture10.png{/rokbox}

Your new handset is created and shown in the list of the handsets.  You can now create and customize your new interface.

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You'll need a Builder account to try or to use iRule. Once you have a Builder account, download the app to your iOS or Android device.

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