The following tutorials cover the basic configuration and operation of the iRule app.


User Settings
This tutorial covers how to configure iRule settings and sync the user interface created in iRule Builder to the iRule application.


Sync a Handset
This tutorial covers how to select and sync a Handset to the iRule app from the iRule Builder.


Adding A Gateway
This tutorial covers how to add a Global Cache GC-100-6 Gateway to the iRule application. Without a Gateway and assigned Device, iRule will not send commands to control a device.


HTTP Gateway
This tutorial covers how to add a device with HTTP commands in iRule Builder and configure HTTP gateway on iRule App . An example of the device that can be controlled over HTTP gateway is XBMC.


Status Icons
This page describes the Gateway and messaging status indicators in iRule in the lower corners of the app.


Lock Settings
Lock User Settings prevents access to app settings and prevents intentional or inadvertent tampering with user settings.


Gateway Status Drawer
The Gateway Connection Status drawer is used to determine a more detailed connection status of Gateways and Devices.


Gateway Backup & Restore
This tutorial covers how to backup and restore your Gateway definitions. Gateway backup/restore can be used by users that have multiple devices in the home and would like to simplify the setup and reduce the time to install and configure the iRule app.


Android Navigation
This tutorial covers how to use the Android navigation buttons to navigate the application.

Get iRule

You'll need a Builder account to try or to use iRule. Once you have a Builder account, download the app to your iOS or Android device.

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