iRule Handsets v2.0

This tutorial covers how to create a new Handset in the iRule Builder. Handsets store a group of Panels and allow for a custom interface to be loaded to similar devices such as completely unique interface to two iPhones in the same home using the same iRule Builder License. Handsets also support the iPhone/iPod 4 Retina resolution as well as the standard iPad/iPod resolutions. iRule Basic accounts come with three Handsets while iRule Pro accounts have five Handsets. Both account types can add new Handsets.

  1. Select Handsets from Options Menu.
  2. Add Handset.
  3. Select Handset.
  4. Edit Settings.
  5. Select Handset.
  6. Review Properties.

Step One: Select Handsets

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Every iRule Builder account has two active Handsets, the iPod and the iPad Handsets tabs in the Panels tree. Click on the Options Menu and select Handsets from the drop down list.

Step Two: Add Handsets

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Click on the green + button in the Handsets Manager window in the bottom left corner. In the Handset Manager you can view the existing Handsets, rename them and manage the quota of available Handsets.

Step Three: Select Handsets

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Select the Handset you would like to configure from the list.

Step Four: Edit Settings

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You can change the settings of each Handset to modify the name and the resolution that the Handset is designed for.

Step Five: Review

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In the Panels tree, you can review the newly added Handset. You can now add Panels, Pages and create a new interface.

Step Six: Review Properties

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You can review the properties of the Handset in the Properties window.

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You'll need a Builder account to try or to use iRule. Once you have a Builder account, download the app to your iOS or Android device.

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