Global Cache iTach Flex WF

global cache itach flex wifi
$91.00 each

iTach Flex Wi-Fi for IR or serial.
Easily connect and control infrared or RS-232 devices over a network and the Internet. 

  • Does NOT include serial or IR interface cables
  • Wi-Fi wireless network connection
  • Up to eight (8) simultaneous client connections
  • Supports serial RS-232 or IR output via Flex Link cables
  • Configure with IR emitter, IR blaster, Tri-Port (3 x emitter or 2 x emitter + 1 blaster), or RS-232 serial
  • US power adapter and 5v USB micro cable included
  • Dimensions: 2.55”L x 1.22”W x 0.48”H
  • FCC (Part 15, Class B), C-tick, CE, RoHs compliant
  • Two year limited warranty
  • More details...

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