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October 24, 2011
Contact: Justin Fisette


iRule Updates Universal Remote Control System with New Version 2.1

DETROIT, Mich. – Responding quickly to customer feedback, iRule has released Version 2.1 of its software-based remote control system. Designed to work on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iRule allows one device to replace multiple remotes with touch screen controls for nearly any household device that uses a remote.

“Version 2.1 is the next step in our product evolution. Listening to customers’ experiences, we added new features to both our app and the Builder, among them increased connection speed, connectivity diagnostics and a setup lock, which allows users to prevent accidental changes.” said CTO Nemirovsky.

iRule was created by two former automotive engineers, Itai Ben-Gal and Victor Nemirovsky, when they were looking for an easier way to control a home theater system. It offers a solution to accommodate many components and eliminate the clutter caused by multiple remotes with limited uses.

iRule is a cloud-based software solution coupled with simple hardware which controls any Infra-red (IR), RS232 or Ethernet-enabled audio/video equipment, making it compatible with nearly any system or combination of components. A fully customizable interface allows users to simplify controls, upload their own images and personalize menus to their preferences. iRule is also easily updated to control additional components or to migrate to the latest versions of smartphones and tablets, making it the last remote you’ll ever need.

iRule software is available through Apple’s App Store. The iRule gateway package hardware, available at The company has already sold thousands of licenses in 39 countries via word-of-mouth among early adopters, home theater professionals, and online forums.

iRule is an application that transforms the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and into a universal remote control, allowing you full control of audio video gear simply and reliably. iRule focuses on a simple user experience that allows non-experts the ability to quickly and easily create a powerful personalized remote. iRule is fully upgradeable and accommodates users’ changing needs.

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