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August 7, 2011
Contact: Justin Fisette


iRule Announces Release of Version 2.0

DETROIT, Mich. – iRule, LLC today announced the release of Version 2.0 of their iRule Universal Remote Application. According to iRule’s CTO, Victor Nemirovsky, “adoption of the new version exceeded our expectations”. The iRule cloud-based remote has always been feature-packed and developers have always included frequently-requested functions into their newest version. With even more features and flexibility than the previous versions, it’s not hard to imagine why current users would want to upgrade. Many of them opted to purchase the “Professional” version of the software, which was developed to allow designers and installers additional options for configuring home theater, entertainment and lighting controls.

Victor added that “The iRule software based Universal Remote is designed to work on iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, replacing current remotes and allowing for touch screen control of almost any household device that uses a remote. iRule is compatible with all major and specialty brands of remote video, audio, lighting, draperies, Heating and Cooling, televisions, DVD players, cable television receivers, stereo amps, tuners, speakers and media centers”.

If that sounds complex, it really isn’t. iRule has a simple “drag and drop” menu that lets you choose your device by brand and model, then choose the button for each function that the device requires. Choose a background and a button style and you have a new remote. Or, simply point your existing remote at the iRule device and press the buttons one at a time. This “learning” feature “teaches” iRule what functions are needed for this device.

It also allows for “macros”, a series of commands completed with one touch. Most homes today have 4 or more remotes. In order to change from watching cable tv to watching a DVD, most users must change a channel or an “input” (Aux#1 or Input #2), turn one or more devices on or off, wait for a DVD to load, then select “play” from the DVD menu, picking up and setting down several remotes in the process.

With iRule, you can set up a single touch button that resets the channel/input, makes sure the appropriate device is on, loads the DVD and starts the “play” function. Even “environment” controls can be included, such as dimming the lights, lighting the fireplace and lowering the shades. All of that can be accomplished with one button. iRule even supports “gesture” programming for functions that are repeatedly used, such as a thumb swipe up or down for the volume control or thumb swipe side to side for channel control. What could be easier?

With the new iRule “Pro”, all the updated standard features of iRule are still in place, but we have included some new tools that make a difference:

  1. Two-way communication with devices that provide feedback. This means if you set your receiver to a Pandora or XM radio station, you can view the song’s title, artist, album and “length of time played/remaining” on your remote. Does that mean that you can be listening to the stereo speakers out on the deck as they play a Pandora station through the receiver in the rec room but you can still see who sings that song? Even components placed behind closed cabinet doors can send information to your iRule Remote!
  2. Sharing Panels Among Pro Users. Beyond the community sharing of panels and images, iRule Pro will let you browse, filter and preview individual Panels prior to importing them.

iRule is an application that transforms the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and into a universal remote control, allowing you full control of audio video gear simply and reliably. iRule focuses on a simple user experience that allows non-experts the ability to quickly and easily create a powerful personalized remote. iRule is fully upgradeable and accommodates users’ changing needs.

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