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Why a Universal Remote Control?

remote-pileDon't you hate that pile of remote controls? How about the complexity of running even a living room system? Power this on, switch that input, change that input. A universal remote control can replace that pile of remotes, and control not only your audio/video equipment and your home theater, but also your lights, drapes, fireplace, and even thermostats. Not only that, it can simplify system operation.

One tap on a universal remote control can replace many button presses on different remotes. So, why use three remotes to watch HBO; one tap of the screen on the HBO icon and the universal remote control:

  1. turns on the HDTV
  2. selects the correct input
  3. turns on a cable box
  4. selects the correct channel
  5. turns on a home theater receiver and
  6. selects the cable box input on that, too

That’s normally three different remotes and at least six different clicks - all replaced with a single tap on the HBO button on the universal remote control screen.

The universal remote can even close the drapes, dim the lights and turn on the fireplace if you want... Too bad you’ll still need to open your own beer!


Why iRule?

There are many different types of universal remote controls with different types of buttons. The most basic remotes have hard buttons much like a basic remote that comes with electronic components. Some have a color screen with labels next to the designated hard buttons.

However, high-end models have touch screens. The touch screens can be highly sophisticated with pictures and graphics to guide you through your options for components. These are definitely the best remotes. They offer the most features and they are the simplest to use for you, your partner and your kids. As you might expect, these touch screen are the most expensive. Way too expensive for most budgets costing hundreds or even thousands... Until now.

iRule is an app that turns your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone or tablet into a personal, powerful touchscreen universal remote control. It can control stereo and audio/video equipment, home theater gear, lights, drapes, fireplaces, thermostats and more.

So now you can control all your remote-controlled electronics with the most advanced and sophisticated universal remote control on the smartphone or tablet you already own saving you hundreds of dollars!


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Are you the type of person that likes playing with equipment and spending some time tweaking things to make them work just so? If so, you're a DIY A/V enthusiast and you should visit this page just for enthusiasts, and you should try iRule risk-free.

On the other hand, many of our customers love their home entertainment systems, but don't want to mess with all the components and the complicated connections. If that sounds like you, we recommend you work with a professional integrator.

If you already have a professional integrator you're comfortable working with, please refer them to our site and let them know we work with professional integrators. If they aren't familiar with iRule, they may believe some of the myths about our solution. Please ask them to read our article, Busting the Myths.

If you don't have a professional integrator, you can refer to our Dealer Locator for a list of authorized iRule dealers in your area. Please contact us if you have any problems finding a local installer.

Many people cannot believe that a mobile device can be converted into a powerful, touch-screen remote control, and they may even have some pre-conceived notions why it can't work well. If so, please read our article, Busting the Myths.



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