Busting the Myths

Our competitors will try to persuade you to pay 10 or 20 times as much for one of their touch-screen universal remote controls by telling you some stories about iRule. Let’s bust those myths here:


iRule is just an app - not a true universal remote control. BUSTED!

We challenge anyone to have a universal remote control with more features and functionality than ours. Not only that, we pride ourselves in keeping iRule up-to-date. We're all home cinema enthusiasts and we wanted the perfect universal remote control; we could’t buy one so we built our own company to make one.


You need special hardware for a universal remote control, a smartphone or tablet is not good enough. BUSTED!

Hundreds of millions of people have iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and other smartphones and tablets. They are powerful and robust enough to run very complicated and life-saving applications. They are used in government, the military and in space... We think that's good enough for your living room. Oh, and even if you need to buy a new one, they're much cheaper than the stand-alone universal remote controls and they do way more than just being a universal remote control. While we're talking about it... Some of our competitors also make versions of their universal remote controls for iPads... They just charge a lot more.


When your iPad goes to sleep, it takes ages to turn it on, find the iRule app, and wait for it to connect to your devices. BUSTED!

Since the first version of iRule, we've included a “Prevent system lock” feature. This keeps the device connected and prevents it from going to sleep, so it's ready for use in an instant.


When your iPad is on, the bright screen will disturb you. BUSTED!

When the ‘prevent system lock’ setting is enabled, another setting allows the screen to dim after a minute of inactivity. It takes a single tap to instantly bring it back to life.


Using your iPhone as a universal remote control will drain the battery all the time. BUSTED!

The battery lasts for hours of continuous use which is at least as good as other touchscreen universal remote controls, and you can use the iPad or phone for many other things.


But, if you are using other apps, it takes ages for iRule to connect to the system. BUSTED!

It takes less than one second for iRule to connect to a gateway, which is less time than it will take you to decide what button you want to press!


You need hard buttons on a remote control so you can feel your way and press the buttons without looking. BUSTED!

This has nothing to do with hard buttons and everything to do with controlling the system without looking. With iRule, you can set up 12 different gestures to control things without looking. What are gestures? This is how you swipe, tap and twist different combination of fingers over the screen. It does not matter where you do this on the screen, so if you want to turn up the volume in the dark without looking away from your movie, just swipe a finger up the screen. Swipe left to change the channel or tap to mute. Isn't that better than fumbling to find one little button without looking?


If you lose the iPad, you will have to set it all up again. BUSTED!

No! All your designs and settings are in the cloud. This means that we always keep a copy of your iRule set up on our secure servers and if you need to set up a new device you can simply sync the new device.


My kids will always take the iPad to their room to play Angry Birds. BUSTED!

First you need to read this: http://kidshealth.org/parent/positive/talk/discipline.html ... Now that you have dealt with the child discipline issues, remember, you can have iRule on all your devices, so if the iPad is being used, you can still control everything from your smartphone that is in your pocket. Finally, iRule give the best touch screen universal remote control experience for way less than dedicated touch screen universal remote controls. So maybe it’s time to buy another tablet for the kids!


It’s all too complicated for a regular user. MAYBE BUSTED!

Everyone at iRule is a geek! We love gadgets and we wanted to build the prefect universal remote control because no one else had. When iRule is set up and installed, it is the best universal remote control and it will last forever because we built it to be future-proof. It's so simple to use that even your spouse and kids will be controlling everything without bothering you. The initial setup and maintenance can be a bit complicated for a regular home user, but do not fear.


iRule is one of the leading universal remote controls recommended by professional installers. We have hundreds of installers worldwide so there's probably one in your area. Browse our handy Dealer Locator to find an installer near you. If you already have a professional installer that you work with, ask him for iRule (We will give you a free gift for the introduction). Also, once a professional installer has set you up, he can give you upgrades and support remotely. You won't need to pay for expensive service calls each time you want to change the settings on your iRule remote control, or when you add new equipment or when you want to set up a new device.

What do you think? Ready to take iRule for a test drive?



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