Automation Module - Radio Thermostat

Automation Module for Radio Thermostat Wi-FiAdd powerful control of your thermostat to your iRule remote! The Automation Module for Radio Thermostat combined with a Wi-Fi thermostat from Radio Thermostat makes for simple, integrated remote control. Control your A/V, lighting, and thermostat all in one place. Simply drag and drop the Automation Module for Radio Thermostat into your remote, and easily control your thermostat.

  • Flexible - Controls models of Wi-Fi thermostat based on Radio Thermostat, including Radio Thermostat, 3M Filtrete, Homewerks, and LockState.
  • Easy - Simple drag and drop integration. Get your iRule remote controlling the thermostat in minutes.
  • For iOS and Android - Now available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Pricing - The Automation Module is $25 per handset and is available to both Basic and Pro users.


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