Onkyo-Integra Module

pp-module-onkyoLike an "app within an app", the Onkyo-Integra Module enables control of Onkyo and Integra network receivers and surround processors. This rich user interface allows you to select streaming internet radio stations, local network media, or USB. Listen to music and display graphical metadata like cover art, artist/title information, and play time all within the context of your remote.

Integra Compatibility
DTR-20.3, DTR-30.3, DTR-40.3, DTR-50.3, DTR-70.3, DTR-80.3, DHC-80.3, DTR-20.4, DTR-30.4, DTR-40.4, DTR-50.4, DTR-70.4

Onkyo Compatibility
TX-NR5010, TX-NR5010, TX-NR3010, TX-NR1010, TX-NR818/818AE, TX-NR717, TX-NR616/616AE, TX-NR515/515AE, TX-NR414, PR-SC5509, TX-NR1009, TX-NR3009, TX-NR5009, TX-NR809, TX-NR509, TX-NR579, TX-NR609, TX-NR709, TX-8050

Compatible with iOS devices. 

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