Automation Module - Mi Casa Verde Vera

Automation Module for Mi Casa Verde VeraAdd powerful control and automation of Z-Wave devices to your iRule remote! The Automation Module for Mi Casa Verde combined with a Mi Casa Verde Vera-series automation controller makes for a powerful, cost-effective, and flexible home automation and control system. Simply drag and drop the Automation Module for Vera into your remote, and easily control switches, dimmers, thermostats, locks, and more. This is only the beginning; there's more coming soon!

  • Flexible - Controls light switches, light dimmers (both horizontal and vertical layout), thermostats, locks, and other Z-Wave devices.
  • Easy - Simple drag and drop integration. Get your iRule remote controlling lights, thermostat, and other Z-Wave devices in minutes.
  • For iOS and Android - Now available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Pricing - The Automation Module is $25 per handset and is available to both Basic and Pro users.


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