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iRule v4 running on group of iOS devicesiRule is an iOS app that turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a powerful and easily-customized touchscreen universal remote control. It can control audio/video equipment, home theater gear, stereo, lights, drapes, fireplaces, thermostats, and more. Control all your remote-controlled electronics with the iPhone or iPad you already own!

Running on all but the original iPhone and iPhone 3G (iOS 4.3 or newer required), iRule uses your Wi-Fi network to control TCP/IP devices directly, or IR- and RS-232 devices via a network gateway. Since iRule is Wi-Fi-based, you can control your gear in a cabinet from the same room or from another room - all without any "dongles" or attachments plugged into your handheld device.

Use iRule's unique Builder to create your remote "in the cloud". Just drag and drop graphics and assign commands and macros to the buttons, save the configuration, then sync it on your iOS device. There's no software to install on your computer and it's fast and easy to use.

For more about iRule, see the pages on how iRule works and on iRule Builder.


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You'll need a Builder account to try or to use iRule. Once you have a Builder account, download the app to your iOS or Android device.

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