• iRule Pro - CEA Control Product of the Year

    Rule Your Universe!

    iRule converts your mobile device into the best universal remote control in the world.

    Made for Apple and Android

  • iRule on iPad and iPhone in a dedicated home theater

    iRule... The A/V Enthusiast's Dream Remote.

    You have an awesome entertainment system or theater. Shouldn't your remote control be just as awesome?

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  • Collection of devices running iRule and illustration suggesting control

    iRule is for Integrators.

    Deliver powerful control capabilities to your customers at a significantly lower price point compared to other solutions. iRule is the simple, yet powerful control solution for the smart installer.

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  • iRule on iPad in living room

    iRule is for Home Users, too!

    Even if you weren't the A/V geek in school, wouldn't it be great if you could use your iOS or Android device to control your A/V, lights, shades and more? Find an iRule installer to make it happen!

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DIY A/V Enthusiasts

You love A/V or home theater and you want to create an awesome, powerful, personalized remote control just for yourself on your smartphone or tablet.

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Professional Integrators

You're a professional who wants a powerful, cost-effective control solution that leverages' your customers hardware, makes your customers happy, and makes you money.

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Home Users

You like gadgets and you want a cool remote control on your smartphone or tablet, but you aren't really interested in spending a lot of time setting it all up.

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Who's Using iRule?

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How Does iRule Work

home-howitworksiRule is an app that runs on iOS and Android devices and controls audio/video, lights, shades, and more. Drag-and-drop cloud-based setup and configuration means no “programming”, and no expensive or proprietary hardware is necessary.

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Who is iRule


We love home entertainment and home automation and we wanted the perfect universal remote to control it all. We were sick of the pile of remotes with missing battery covers. We were frustrated that our wives and kids were never able to work out how to watch TV and we'd had enough of all the universal controls that were ridiculously complicated, stupidly expensive or both. We knew what we wanted, no one else made it, so we created iRule to do it ourselves.

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Get iRule

You'll need a Builder account to try or to use iRule. Once you have a Builder account, download the app to your iOS or Android device.

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